Sketchup Animation Navigating the updated Curve Editor

Ctrl-Alt and middle mouse, drag to change the zoom horizontally and vertically. And then simply middle mouse to position. Select some keys and then down here we can frame horizontally or vertically. On the left is frame horizontal, when I click that the display zooms to enclose the selected keys in time. All right, I’ll change the view again and with those keys still selected, I can choose frame value extents and that will zoom the values vertically. OK, I’ll change the display once again and we have a new button down here, frame horizontal and value extents. Click on that and the selected keys will take up the entire panel. Additionally, there is a feature up here in the view menu called Enable Auto-Zoom. And when that’s on, 3ds Max will attempt to draw the curve fullscreen. Change the display and then select another track up here. And you’ll see that it doesn’t always do exactly what you want and it has to do, in this case, with the fact that I have a very long timeline and only a few key frames at the beginning. : slideserve

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