Sketchup Modeling and Animation keys-only too

To give a clear and simple illustration of the new keys only tools in the Curve Editor, we’ll use a very simple animation, a bouncing ball. I’ve got 40 frames of animation here. Let’s open up the Curve Editor. Maximize that view and we’ve got our sphere Z position and our new tools are here, Keys Only Tools, and we’ll look at all of them. Starting from the left we have nudge. Nudge will work on one or more keys, we can make a selection, click that button and the selected keys are moved one frame later. We can keep clicking that button. If we want to reverse the direction, move them earlier, hold down the Shift key and click to nudge to the left or earlier. Next is flatten to average value. This only affects multiple contiguous selected keys. In other words, if you have a discontiguous selection, like this one, it won’t work. You need to select several keys in a contiguous region in time. With those keys selected, we can test out flatten to average value and you can see that all those selected keys moved to the average of their values. The tangents also got flattened for a perfectly straight flat line.

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