Sketchup Modeling Creating type with TextPlus

Promotion graphics application the new TextPlus object will make it a lot easier for you to get really good looking text on the screen and provide capabilities that you never had before or that required a lot of hand labor. Let’s create the TextPlus object from the create panel and the geometry section Standard Primitives TextPlus and click and drag in the front viewport to create the TextPlus region, and as you resize that region, you can see that the text is going to wrap inside the box. All right, once that’s created I’ll go directly over to the Modify panel and in the geometry rollout increase the extrude amount. I’m getting closer in the perspective view with the wheel. Press F4 to see edged faces. Okay, so far it doesn’t look any different than a standard extrusion. First of all, we have a lot of power to edit the text itself. We’ve got our standard text box up here and we could change this up. For example, we could change the font obviously. Maybe we’ll do Arial Black. Notice that some of the text is style italic and some is Roman. I could switch that out really easily. Just select all of that and tap the italic button a couple of times to clear that out. And we can expand our options here by clicking on this arrow and now we have a few more styling capabilities. Let’s try small capitals. We’ve got the size of the text down here, of course, and once again, that’s going to stay within the size of our region at all times, and most importantly now we have the ability to process the text.

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