Sketchup pro Modeling Modeling with the updated Bevel Profile

The Bevel Profile Modifier is a way to convert a 2D Spline into a 3D Extruded Object with fancy and custom corners and edges. For example, we could create a 3D flying logo from this curve. Let’s select it, and then go into the Modify panel. And from the Modifier List choose Bevel Profile. It’s been updated in this version of 3D SMX. We can still use the old version by going back to the Classic Mode here. And in this mode, you can create an external curve and use that to control the shape by choosing Pick Profile here and then clicking on the curve. But there’s really no need to do that because we have a Curve Editor built directly into the Improved Modifier. I’m gonna go back to the Improved Mode. Let’s give it some Extrude Depth here by increasing the Extrude Value. We can give it a positive value or a negative value. And our Beveled or Chamfered Edges will remain at the front of the object. You can get in real close on this. Hit F4 on the keyboard to view edged faces. And we can change that Extrude value. We can increase or decrease the Extrude segments. Now, we’ve got more divisions here along the length of that extrusion. Bring it back to one. Most helpfully, we have some presets here from this pull-down list.

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