Sketchup Rendering A360 cloud rendering

The last topic for our course is A360 cloud rendering. This is software as a service in which Autodesk renders your images for you on their servers. This is not a free service, so you do have to sign up for Autodesk A360. And once you’ve done that and purchased the appropriate credits, you will sign in inside 3DS Max and additionally, I’m also signed in at the browser so you can see I’m at the website and I’m currently logged in. Back in 3DS Max I’ve got a scene that is ready to render, and I’ve set it up so that it looks good in Mental Ray. This is the exactly the same scene as we had in the previous movie. The only real difference is that I have moved the camera around a little bit. The A360 rendering engine is a physically based renderer, similar to ART, however, they are mutually incompatible. You can render Mental Ray arch and design materials in A360, but you cannot render physical materials.

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