Sketchup Rendering Daylighting with ART Sun Positioner

The sun positioner is a daylighting system, for the ART renderer. If you’ve ever used mental ray, sun and sky, this is very similar, but simpler. Ironically the name is a bit misleading. Position of the control object is not relevant here and it does not affect the lighting. Position refers to the location of the sun in the sky. Let’s create a sun positioner that’s found in the create panel, in the light section, sun positioner. In the top view click and drag, and hold down the mouse. When you’re creating the compass rose for the sun positioner. When you realease the mouse, and leave the mouse button up, the next time you move the mouse, you will set, an off-set parameter for the rotation of this compass rose. I drag the mouse now. Suddenly, north is pointing towards my cursor

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