Vray Rendering A360 cloud rendering

Let’s go ahead and do a rendering. We’ve got a button here on the main toolbar Render in the cloud, and when you click that, it’s the same as going into the render set up dialogue and choosing A360 cloud rendering mode from the pull down here. Whatever credits you have, will be listed here. And you’ll see an indicator as to whether you’re signed in or not. Select a camera from this pull down list. We only have FizzCamera001. Then we want to choose our render quality, let’s do standard. For the image size I’m going to choose a custom size, and I’ll make it 1280 x 720, using a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. We’ll use advanced exposure, which means we can change the exposure after the rendering is finished. And the file format we’ll choose PNG. We can test the scene compatibility at this point, and see if they’re any errors. And we did get a few errors, there’s a shape object that’s not renderable, that’s not a problem. We’ll see that the RGB multiplying node that’s in the shading network, is not supported.

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